Invest, distribute or questions: Call 1-833-355-8326 Ext: 101
Invest, distribute or questions: Call 1-833-355-8326 Ext: 101


Own part of Crafty Elk™

You can benefit in the projected commercial success of our prospective growth through a potential increase in the value of your share owning.

Annual General Meeting Invite for You and a Friend or Family member

Crafty Elk shareholders receive annual invites for you and friend or family member to our annual meeting of Elks. Delicious craft cocktails, live music, meet and greet with our team and crafty insights on all Crafty Elk™ movements.

A lifetime 10% discount on all Crafty Elk merchandise

Club Elk shareholders receive access to new sustainable clothing lines and cool merchandise. Each year Crafty Elk™ tries to bring out new offerings and Club Elk members are the first in the know.

Front Row Ticket to Crafty Elk™ Hard Juice™ Distillery

If we raise sufficient capital, our Company intends to open up a small batch Hard Juice™ pop up distillery and You will be first to know. Not only that, we will send out an exclusive ticket for you to come down and enjoy some craft cocktails with our team.


Not only will your investment buy you shares in our company, but you will enjoy boosted perks. You can choose one perk per investment level.